Crossfit Anaheim Loves Drop-Ins!

Are you here with family visiting Disneyland? Are you here for a convention or work? Keep your training on track! Come and get a WOD in! We are minutes away from Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center.

  1. Refer to our schedule for class times. 
  2. Drop-in fee is $20.00. There is a $10.00 fee for each additional day. Cash is preferred method of payment, although we do accept most major credit cards.
  3. Text to (714) 856-2305 with your name and class you wish to attend.
  4. Come a few minutes early to sign a waiver.
  5. The drop-in policy applies to experienced Crossfitters only (i.e. know how to scale workouts, be familiar with common Crossfit movements – especially the Olympic lifts; Snatch and Clean&Jerk). Use common sense on this.
  6. If you are local and don’t have experience with Crossfit (worked out at an affiliate for an extended period of time 6 months or more), head over to our join section to see what Crossfit Anaheim can do for you.

During OPEN Season, we will program Open Workouts for all classes on Fridays.  In the afternoon, we will run heats starting at 5pm with 6 to 8 athletes going at a time.  It is first come first serve with heat sign-ups. Additional times we will be open to judge are Saturdays from 10am-11am and Mondays from 7am-8am and 4pm to before submission time at 5pm.