The Workout of the Day for July 19, 2019


Banded Single Arm Lat Pull Down x 10-15 reps each

I’s, Y’s, T’s x 5 reps each

Lunge Matrix (Forward, Lateral, Rear, Bowler) x 3 steps each position

Followed by:

Two sets:

Row x 30 sec

Rest 30 sec

Single Leg Jumps x 5 each

Rest 1 min


Three sets of:

Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 reps @ 30X1

immediately followed by…

Dynamic Jumping Bulgarian Split Squats x 12 reps

Rest 90 sec between legs

*Use two KB/DB for the 8 reps, then drop them and immediately perform 12 jumping Bulgarians without weight.

METCON (All Levels):

For Time:

1000m Row

20 Burpees to a 6” Target

40 Thrusters 45/35


Foam Roll / Static Stretch / ROMWOD


1 mile Run for time

AMRAP 5 min of:

Handstand Push-Ups

Aaron Kennedy